Hassle-Free Blood Drawing Services

Have peace of mind knowing our dedicated team at Texas Elite Healthcare offers confidential concierge phlebotomy service at your desired location. We also provide the following services at your home or office for your convenience:

  • An Array of Laboratory tests including STD Panels,Thyroid Panels,CBC,Potassium,CMP etc..

  • STAT and Routine Blood Work

  • Fasting Required Blood Work

  • Light Protected/on Ice/Coagulation Blood Test

  • Draw Kit for Specialty Lab ( SpectraCell Laboratories ,True Health Diagnostics and Vibrant America as well as many others)

  • DNA Paternity Testing(DDC)

  • Specimen Pick-Up and Delivery

We pride ourselves on our adherence to the timely collection and delivery as well as the professional handling of your specimens. If you need a service that is not mentioned on our page, please contact us at (832)606-0245.

Clients We Serve

  • Clients That are interested in staying ahead of their health
  • Elderly
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Working Class Individuals
  • Anyone who needs bloodwork

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about the therapies, feel free to contact us.